2014 Submissions

Spring Sessions[420funk] Miscellaneous Song
Daft Funk Dance Song
Meesh Indie Song
The New Indie Song

2013 Submissions

Machinations Miscellaneous Song
Vex Experimental Song
Psychonautics Miscellaneous Song
Coraline Experimental Song
Never Mind Miscellaneous Song
The Light Miscellaneous Song
Scrapyard Dubstep Song
Event Horizon Dubstep Song
Scribe Ambient Song
Save me (Miro + Saturn) Miscellaneous Song
Blackbone Miscellaneous Song
sputnik mk2 Ambient Song
Sputnik Miscellaneous Song
Sexy Dance Song
Playing with Mercury Miscellaneous Song
Whatever (Nirvana remix) Dance Song
Fatal Flaw (Glitchhop?) Miscellaneous Song
Anticitizen 1 (HL2 remix) Ambient Song
Creatures of the Void Dubstep Song
Ghost in the Machine Dance Song
Sweeney Todd (dark prog remix) New Wave Song
Greezy Dance Song
Pool of Mirrors Dubstep Song
We are all going to die. Dubstep Song
Desolate winds Ambient Song
All I wanna do is Dance House Song
March of the mechanical man Video Game Song
Row (eternal sunshine remix) Miscellaneous Song
Rebel Music (Bob Marley Remix) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Rupperts Requiem (for a dream) Miscellaneous Song
Heart Machine Dubstep Song
!!!a Challenger Approaches!!! Video Game Song
Lady in the radiator Ambient Song
Worlds collide: Trip hop mix New Wave Song
Copper Robots Techno Song
MOLLY Miscellaneous Song
Pi Life Ambient Song
Dream Fish Ambient Song
NeXuss Ambient Song
Dreaming of Natalee Hip Hop - Modern Song
False Awakening Ambient Song
Not just Eternity, but Infinit Ambient Song
Obscurity is dynamism Ambient Song
Second by Second Ambient Song
Star Children Ambient Song
Apes of the Deep Video Game Song
Hobo Hash Drum N Bass Song
Psychotropic Miscellaneous Song